Friday, August 10, 2012

Ian McEwan's Take on Writing Inspiration's

It is interesting to learn the differing nuances of writers, and the vehicles needed to get them going on the road to inspiration.  Ian McEwan's views on ideas are that, "…they just pop out of nowhere…" Comparing McEwan's mode of creativity to my own, I mentally noted that we're not so different in the writing process.  I sometimes find myself swelled with a slew of ideas itching to spill over onto paper.

At other times there is total disconnect with the world around me, and I drift into another plane of thinking. When challenged with writers block McEwan states, "…sometimes I force an idea just by writing the opening paragraphs…"  

For my style of writing this does not work to my advantage. Writers block for me can last for hours, days, and oftentimes weeks on end.  However, when the burst of genius manages its way into the folds of my brain matter I take the helm of my word document, and wear down the keys just a tad more on my computer.  I go full bore into the first, second, and third rounds of writing before the bell rings. After my brain settles in its corner for a pep talk I gear up for the final rounds - taking on the agonizing blow by blow of distraction before I'm face down on the mat, and down for the count.

I gather bits and pieces of information here and there.  Snippets of conversations or situation in my travels are the fuel needed to write something down.  From there I will deduce that, "…maybe this situation will fit nicely into a poem, or a joke someone told while waiting at the bus stop is agreeable for a screenplay…"  These are how the wheels of my mind spin when brewing up ideas.  It's like having a bag full of groceries, and knowing that once I return home to unpack I have a pretty good idea of where each item will be stored for later usage.  That's how my mind operates when it comes to insight, and ideas for writing. I hope this tidbit of information is useful to writing novices like me, and even the experts.


  1. Bruce,

    This was full of great advice and encouraging words for writers of all levels.

    I really like the way you put into words your writing process in rounds as a fighter using all of his strength til the end. Plus the analogy of the putting the groceries away is so visual.

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing.


    1. Joan,

      I was attempting to explain my scrambled brain in the simplest of ways. I'm glad the post was both informative and helpful. Cheers.


  2. If an idea for something I'm working on comes late at night while laying in bed...I just get up ...go to Word(just as you do) and capture the thought , not waiting till morning.
    Nice post and great blog.
    I'm a follower.

    1. convnitkepr1,

      It's refreshing to read how great minds think alike. Cheers.